Do you think that the best throws are cocooning throws? Not that we lack humility, but you already know our answer...And for several reasons. Surely because, from the choice of textures to the promotion of our ranges, including manufacturing, all our choices are motivated by the love of textiles, and the love of beauty.

At Plaids Cocooning, we like a job well done. And anything done well takes time. 10 years, 10 years that we have been selling throws and we are constantly improving, to get ever closer to our goal: to provide softness unconditionally.


    It is not for nothing that we claim to be distributors of sweetness. Every year, our suppliers work hard to meet our expectations and yours. We justify our gentleness by a complex and meticulous quality control process. Each blanket is screened by our designer Victorine, who is responsible for testing the softness herself, and only choosing the softest models.

    Indeed, if you have already been part of the large Plaids Cocooning family for a long time, you have probably noticed how our products go up in quality each year. Impossible to compare one of our models from five years ago with those from now!

    So imagine what sweetness we will obtain in a few years? Because that’s also what Plaids Cocooning is about, working hard to always progress a little more.


    As you know, at Plaids Cocooning our convictions are sincere and numerous. This is what we explain to you in our article dedicated to our vision . This year again, we wanted to bring our production closer together by offering you a collection was produced in Türkiye. Likewise, for several years, we have been offering you a collection of wool throws made in France, which is so close to our hearts.

    Our wool collection has also been cited among the 10 best throws made in France.


    For 10 years, we have strived to offer you ever more original colors and textures. Every year, our cozy beds get a makeover and are available in around ten new colors. Bordeaux, red, blue, purple...So many colors that will allow you to never tire of our models.

    Your tastes change, as does your decor, which is why our products adapt to you. Our cocoonings, for their part, are available each year in new patterns: animal, geometric, play on thickness...Each year we amaze you a little more, and we encourage you to give way to your originality!


Because softness rhymes with thickness, our throws are known for their fluffy thickness which provides flawless warmth. From 250g/m2 to 680g/m2, the weight of our throws makes them concentrated in softness.

From the classic single-thickness range to triple-thickness bedspreads, including cozy double-thickness bedspreads...Our range of throws offers a range of different thicknesses, so you're bound to find what you're looking for.

And don't panic, our throws are thick but that doesn't mean they are heavy! The thickness of our models goes hand in hand with their large size, so the weight is distributed very well. If you like thick and cozy throws, go for one of our bedspreads.