Nos conseils pour faire des économies d'énergie

Our tips for saving energy

Winter is here, and with it, cold temperatures and rising energy bills. If you're looking for ways to reduce your energy consumption and save money, look no further: we have the solution. Opt for throws , these soft and warm blankets... Throws can not only keep you warm and comfortable, but they can also help you reduce your dependence on heaters and save on your energy bills, and yes!

The plaid sweater: an essential for saving energy

The first essential to have at home to save energy, obviously, is the plaid sweater! For years we have seen it sweeping across our social networks, the effectiveness of the plaid sweater in saving energy no longer needs to be proven...

Plaid sweaters

And at Plaids Cocooning, you know, we never do things by halves: so here are our double-layered plaid sweaters , for a double dose of warmth. Our plaid sweaters are made from insulating materials such as polyester, a material with excellent thermal capacity. In addition, our plaid sweaters can be used in all rooms of the house: whether in your living room, your bed, on your office chair... One thing is certain, with the plaid sweater, you will greatly reduce your dependence on heating in every room of the house.

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To save energy, opt for double-thickness throws

Double-layer throws are a simple and affordable solution to keep you warm. When you wrap yourself in one of our double-layered throws, it automatically creates an additional barrier between your body and the cold air in the room...

This allows you to maintain a comfortable body temperature without having to turn up the central heating. And to help you choose, here is our selection of double-layer anti-severe cold throws:

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The bedspread: the XXL solution to save energy

Be careful, mega dose of heat ahead... Another solution to help you save energy: the bedspread. In fact, the bedspread allows you to lower the temperature of the thermostat in your room, or even turn off the heating in it!

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    Simply place your bedspread on your duvet, and feel the difference...

    Thanks to their high weight, our double-thickness bedspreads keep you warm all night: they absorb the heat from your body , and instead of releasing it into the room, they soak it up and create a thermal sensation tenfold.

    Their XXL size is one more reason to choose them to save energy: 220cm long and 240cm wide, enough to wrap around you and the whole family. By choosing our double-thickness bedspreads , lower the temperature by 2 degrees, and save up to 10% on your energy bills.

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    Rather than setting the heating to a high temperature, simply lay your triple-layered bedspread on your bed and turn the temperature down.

    Our triple-layer bedspreads are designed to give you the warmth you need: two layers of heavy-weight fleece (730g/m2), and a third layer of wadding . Three reasons to turn down the heating and save energy. Despite its high weight, the triple-thickness bedspread remains light and pleasant: you will not have the impression of being buried under the layers of fabric.

    Finally, thanks to their XXL size: 240x260cm, our triple-thickness bedspreads are perfect for King Size beds, and to wrap around the whole family.


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