Live in the present moment and find peace within yourself. May each blanket be a haven of softness to recharge your batteries and regenerate you, may it bring you warmth and softness.

Produce fairly and responsibly

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Plaids Cocooning's creations are largely influenced by the family's experience in textiles in the north of France and interior decoration. We are passionate about threads, fringes, links, wefts.

Inspired by travel and discoveries, we bring their sensations back into our textiles to allow you to wrap yourself in our memories. We seek to create this bond between you and us throughout the seasons.

The costs of such production are still impossible to assume in France, so in complete transparency, we assume our choice to produce partly in India, where we maintain strong links, and in Asia, where our Chinese partners are located.

Convinced that we can participate in changing the world of tomorrow, we invest in particular in manufacturing infrastructures working to protect women in India and supporting them in their autonomy.

Whether it is our employees, our customers or our suppliers, human relations are at the heart of all our decisions. For our fleece collection, we have been working with the same suppliers for 10 years, a company based in the North of China, whose production standards are close to European standards, we always follow production very closely.

In our aim of promoting everyone's work, we are keen to work with local artisans: for our wool collection, by working with breeders of Barégeois sheep in the Pyrenees, or by working with Edith, our seamstress who allows us to offer tailor-made blanket sizes.

For our collection of recycled polyester throws, we rely on manufacturing in partnership with weavers who must meet the Global Recycled Standard criteria. This standard imposes strict standards on all technical production practices while respecting the environment and people. Our Manufacturing is located in China , in Changzhou where we have been working with the same supplier for 10 years.

The journey of your blanket

At the heart of production

  • For our summer collection, we chose to work with a company committed to environmental protection. Our entire summer collection is produced in Denizli , Turkey , a small village nestled in the mountains. Our partner company offers us eco-responsible packaging, invests in the use of renewable energies for weaving, and is committed to preserving Turkish jobs, particularly among seniors.

  • More locally, we are looking for alternatives to consume less and better and support French artisans.

    Thus, for our range of Pyrenees wool throws we collaborate with Anne who supervises all production. The wool comes from a breeding of Barégeoise sheep south of Pau and then sent to the last French wool washing center. The blanket is then made in weaver workshops in Tarn.

  • The major challenge of Plaids Cocooning is to bring the production of fleece blankets even closer. Our dream would be to repatriate the looms to the North of France in order to revive and develop the spinning of plaids as close as possible to us.

    Recently, we spoke with the Mayor of Tourcoing in order to carry out our project.

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to participate in this project. To be continued...

Responsible production

Reduce our impact

Because we know that the textile industry ranks at the top of the list of the most polluting industries, we have chosen to offer products designed to last. Plaids Cocooning products are durable and easy to maintain, and our most loyal customers have seen this by keeping their blankets for several years in a row.

It is in this same logic that for years, and you have certainly noticed, we have always chosen to offer you a fair price all year round and not to take part in promotional operations. Sales, Black Friday...All these operations that push you towards overconsumption have no place at Plaids Cocooning. Everyone will find the blanket of their dreams, at any time of the year.


Developments in the modern world and our concerns about the future push us to make ever more responsible and reasoned choices. If at the moment it is complicated for us to repatriate our production of fleece blankets to Europe, we are nevertheless taking action by transporting our goods in a more responsible manner, in particular via gas-fired maritime transport. All our goods are transported to the port of Lille, where they are then checked, before ending up on your sofa.

This seems obvious, but on our scale, we try to limit our environmental impact through the management of our waste: all our packaging is eco-responsible, but also all the media we use for communication and promotion purposes. Internally, we have also chosen to encourage teleworking and carpooling so that each employee can reduce their personal environmental footprint.

We are in this continuous search to invest in the world of tomorrow by promoting human connection.


1 blanket is 34 plastic bottles which will not pollute the oceans.

You probably haven't missed this: this year, our entire fleece collection is made from 80% recycled polyester ! A big step that we are taking towards ever more responsible production, and we are taking this big step thanks to you. Because yes, at Plaids Cocooning, we make a point of listening to you, listening to your demands and offering you products that meet your requirements. Among our future objectives, that of offering you our entire collection of throws made from recycled materials: from faux furs to fleece throws, including accessories...


Polyester is a material that can be recycled infinitely, but which can also be upcycled. For years, our suppliers have been working toward their goal of zero waste: nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed! This is why the throws that we recover, which have defects, or which are not usable, are given a second life by being transformed into accessories: neck warmers, hats, etc. Thus, if our range of accessories is only getting bigger, which is good because we try to reuse more and more plaid scraps.


Finally, we now offer all our customers the opportunity to return their old throws to us for a promotional code which allows them to purchase the next model which will accompany them for years. Our models are made to last, so it is not uncommon to see a customer keep their model for 10 years, before purchasing the one that will accompany them for the next 10 years...